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Al onze trainingen kunnen op maat gemaakt worden naar uw wensen en behoeften, door bijvoorbeeld de inhoud te combineren met andere trainingen of door juist een onderwerp te laten vervallen.

Bij maatwerk worden de specifieke opleidingsvraag, de voorkennis en de leerdoelen besproken. Hiervoor kijgt u een gedegen opleidingsadvies om de beoogde leerdoelen efficiënt en effectief te behalen. In overleg met u wordt de inhoud en het aantal dagen van de maatwerktraining bepaald.

Deze training is een combinatie van OOP with C# en Advanced C#. Deze hebben wij naar tevredenheid bij een klant van ons gegeven en is een voorbeeld hoe een maatwerktraining eruit zou kunnen zien.


  • .NET Framework versus .NET (Core)
  • C# 2.0 Generics: Why, How, Classes, Structs, Interfaces, Delegates, Methods, Constraints, default(T), Nullable<T>
  • C# 2.0 Anonymous Methods & C# 3.0 Lambda Expressions: Delegate Inference, Anonymous Methods, Lambdas, Closures, Events, Func<T>, Action<T>
  • C# 2.0 Iterators
  • C# 3.0 Extension Methods
  • LINQ to Objects: Overview, Query Expressions, Query translation, Deferred Query Execution, Keywords and Operators

Gewenste voorkennis

Een gedegen kennis van C# 1.x is vereist.


De prijs voor deze training is hierboven per persoon genoemd.
Zoekt u een maatwerktraining? Prijzen van maatwerktrainingen zijn altijd verschillend. Dit is afhankelijk van het aantal dagen (hoeveelheid leerstof) en het aantal deelnemers. Hiervoor ontvangt u een maatwerkofferte.


Fotis Dimitrakopoulos - Kaizen Gaming - december 2022

I have been extremely impressed with the quality of Fons instructions. He is highly knowledgeable and skilled in C# programming and he has been able to clearly communicate with tricky concepts in a way that is easy to understand. His lessons fit perfectly to my specific needs and learning style & helped me to fill lots of gaps in C#. In addition, to his technical expertise, Fons is also a great communicator and he is always punctual for our sessions. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Fons to anyone looking to improve their programming skills. He provides excellent resources for anyone looking to learn or improve their C# skills and I confident that he will be able to help anyone succeed in their software development goals.

Thanos - Kaizen Gaming - december 2022

Fons is a top quality educator. This course has a well-planned structure and content. Congrats Fons

Orfeas - januari 2023

Excellent trainer, with deep knowledge of C# and up to date with all the latest & modern features.

Ioannis Tsilafakis - januari 2023

Very useful and detailed training. I highly recommended

Giannis Kapkidis - Kaizengaming - januari 2023

I really enjoyed every session with Fons. He has the ability to easily make you understand what he says. I am already using many of the practises I've learned from him in my everyday work.

Tasos - KaizenGaming - januari 2023

The training was very detailed and interactive. Helped me have a deep understanding about old and new features alike. Really recommend taking it!

Jason - Kaizen Gaming - januari 2023

Fons is an excellent online tutor. Since teaching is his passion, he covers all topics in his training thoroughly and ensures his students understand the concepts.

Alex - Kaizen Gaming - januari 2023

Fons is an exceptional instructor who truly knows his stuff when it comes to C# Features. His lessons are well-structured, easy to follow and engaging. He is able to explain complex concepts in a way that is easy to understand, and he is always willing to go the extra mile to help his students. The course materials are top-notch, and the homework assignments are doable. I highly recommend Fons and this course to anyone looking to improve their C# skills.

Konstantinos - Kaizen Gaming - januari 2023

Fons is an excellent instructor and the course is well structured and gives a lot of value to the attendees.

Giorgos - januari 2023

Mr Fons is a excellent trainer, with deep knowledge of C#. He help me to learn some stuff that I didn't know about the latest C# & modern features.

Giorgos - Kaizen - januari 2023

Fons is an excellent instructor, with deep knowledge of C#. His lessons are well structured and he is there to answer every question that occurs.

Nikos Korres - Kaizen Gaming - januari 2023

The training is well organized and the material is detail-oriented.

Efi Kaltirimidou - Kaizen Gaming - maart 2023

Fons is a highly skilled engineer and educator. He has a lot of experience in presenting a wide variety of technical features, with clear and interesting examples for each one. He is an excellent trainer for beginners and experts as well.

KP - Kaizen Gaming - maart 2023

Fons is really unique, I really enjoyed the sessions!!!

Vangelis Takos - Kaizen Gaming - maart 2023

Very useful and detailed!

Vangelis Boltsis - Kaizen Gaming - maart 2023

Fons really knows his stuff. The fact that you have labs during the training really helps you understand what he explains.

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