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2005 Blog posts

New VS2005 Macros


Three years ago I have written some useful Visual Studio 2003 macros: SortCode and CreateProperty. With the introduction of VS2005 it was time to upgrade them.

The new SortCode macro also supports VB.NET 2005. Totally new is the EncapsulateAllNonPrivateFields macro. It creates properties get/set for all non private (public, protected, internal) fields. By using the CodeDom I managed to supports VB.NET and C#.


After running the marco the 3 fields are private and there are 3 extra properties.

Qliner hotkeys


A friend of my send me a link to a great freeware software application. I love it!

Qliner hotkeys is a free and open source keyboard productivity environment. It is the first product of it's kind that is usable by computer geeks and non geeks alike.

Key features:

  • Smart Application Launching
  • Smart Application Instance Switching
  • Drag and Drop Configuration using an Onscreen Keyboard
  • Support for 100+ International Keyboards (making it a handy tool for international keyboard users).
  • Support for Dvorak keyboards
  • Volume Control Add-in
  • Clock Add-in
  • Optionally maps Caps Lock key to Window key (handy if your keyboard does not have a Windows key or if you just hate the default bahavior of Caps Lock)

Hotkeys builds on the concept of Windows shortcut keys but takes this concept to a whole new level. Do you think key combinations are hard to remember? Just hold the Windows key for three seconds and up pops a Onscreen Keyboard with icons on the keys that are configured. This you can you use , not only to remind you of hotkey combinations, but also for Drag and Drop Configuration.

What is an architect?


I just saw the great Sparkle video on Channel9. On of the most funny part was the question 'What is an Architect?'. The anwer from John Gossman was 'It is a fancy title for a programmer' or in other words 'You are old'. I hope you enjoy the movie, I did. I can't wait to play with it.

Avalon and ClickOnce demo


I have build my first Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) application. It is a remake of my WinForms Minesweeper game. Go to the ClickOnce publisher page and install Avalon Minesweeper.

Make sure you have the Microsoft Pre-Release Software WinFX Runtime Components - September Community Technology Preview (CTP) installed on your computer.

To run this sample you must add '' to your Trusted Sites in Internet Explorer.

UPDATE 1-1-2006: Moved to my own provider and updated to the December CTP.

C# 3.0 looks like Smalltak


Many years ago I programmed in Smalltalk (Enfin which later became ObjectStudio). I have always liked it although it was not very programmer friendly (no IntelliSense). I have just wachted this C# 3.0 Language Enhancements in action video. The shown Extension Methods feature realy looks like the Secondary Class files of Smalltalk. Nice to see them back, they where very handy.

In the following example I have added the 'IsPrime()' method to the 'Int32' type. The 'this' keyword in front of the 'number' parameter of the IsPrime() method did the real trick. This makes it an Extension Method.

class Program {
   &nbspstaticvoid Main(string[]args){
   &nbsp   &nbspConsole.WriteLine(5.IsPrime());// true
   &nbsp   &nbspConsole.WriteLine(9.IsPrime());// false
   &nbsp   &nbspConsole.WriteLine(23.IsPrime());// true

staticclass Extensions {

   &nbsppublicstaticbool IsPrime(thisintnumber){
   &nbsp   &nbspif(number==1||number==2||number==3){
   &nbsp   &nbsp   &nbspreturntrue;
   &nbsp   &nbsp}
   &nbsp   &nbspif((number%2)==0){
   &nbsp   &nbsp   &nbspreturnfalse;
   &nbsp   &nbsp}
   &nbsp   &nbspintsqrt=(int)Math.Sqrt(number);
   &nbsp   &nbspfor(int t =3; t <=sqrt; t = t +2){
   &nbsp   &nbsp   &nbspif(number% t ==0){
   &nbsp   &nbsp   &nbsp   &nbspreturnfalse;
   &nbsp   &nbsp   &nbsp}
   &nbsp   &nbsp}
   &nbsp   &nbspreturntrue;

PDC05 Keynote


I have just watched the live PDC05 Keynote Webcast. I'm very impressed. Great demo's showing LINQ, Indigo, Atlas and Avalon. The problem for Microsoft will be to get us 'the developers' to use these new technologies as soon as possible. I'm afraid it is all to much for a 'normal' developer too cope with.

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