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Paging in ASP.NET Core MVC and EntityFramework Core

29-Mar-2017 60 Comments

Paging, sorting and filtering are common features in websites. Microsoft has written a tutorial how to implement these features in ASP.NET Core MVC with Entity Framework Core. The described solution works but I found it a bit too primitive. It triggered me to create a more powerful solution. Before you can start using my solution you should first read this tutorial, it explains how you can add Entity Framework Core to an ASP.NET Core MVC application.

ASP.NET ViewStateParameter


I like the ASP.NET 2.0 DataSource controls. They are very flexible and easy to use. It has some great parameters like SessionParameter and ControlParameter. It doesn't have a ViewStateParameter. I have written it myself to fill this gap.

Playing with Ajax (Atlas)


I have finally found some time to play with Ajax. I have built some simple Grid/Detail pages which are place inside an UpdatePanel. This server centric model is really easy and powerful. I have never really liked the user experience of web applications. Atlas will changes this and will make the WEB even more popular.

Have a look at the result demo site. I use the ObjectDataSource to bind to Buffy.NET BusinessObjects. It's so easy.

Move to ASP.NET 2.0


I have finally rewritten this website to ASP.NET 2.0. It was really a good learning experience. You only learn it by doing it. I have tried to use the new features like:

It wasn't really difficult to do. Microsoft really kept their promise that 70% of the code could disappear. ASP.NET 2.0 rocks. I'm planning to add some extra features soon, like: WebParts, Health Monitoring, other new controls, comments on blog posts, a new stylesheet and a new logo.

Update 2006-sept-25: Added Google Sitemaps, Control Adapters and UrlRewritingNet.

InitialFocus on a ASP.NET WebForm


The PageUtil class has a static method SetInitialFocus(control) which can be used to generate a JavaScript for an ASP.NET page (WebForm), which sets the focus on a (given) control.

        private voidPage_Load(objectsender, System.EventArgs e)
            // Set the InitialFocus on TextBox1


ASP.NET DataIslandGrid Control


The standard ASP.NET DataGrid control is a great control. You can use it for many things, it even supports Paging and Column Sorting. Those last two option although work using postbacks to the server.

Internet Explorer 5.0 (and higher) support XML Client-side Data-Binding. This is a powerful DHTML feature which is not used in the .NET Framework. It allows.

The DataIslandGrid control is an ASP.NET grid which is bound to a DataTable in a DataSet. The DataSet is serialized and rendered to an Xml DataIsland. The Grid uses Tabular Data-Binding to the Xml DataIsland. This makes it possible to support client-side Column Sorting and Paging. The Column Sorting is implemented using a JavaScript and a StyleSheet in a second Xml DataIsland.


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