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Windows Phone 7 Training

By Fons Sonnemans, 03-jun-2010

Yesterday I attended the Windows Phone 7 Developer Hub. The quality of the sessions was very good. They had some phone prototypes which you could play with during the breaks. I had the chance to play with an LG Windows Phone! It looks and feels great. I can't wait to get one!

It really inspired me to develop a new training for it together with my friend Loek. We plan to finish the training by the time Microsoft releases the first builds which we can run on real phones.

The content of the training will be: 

  • Introduction: Windows Phone 7, Metro Design, Silverlight, XAML, Visual Studio 2010, Microsoft Expression Blend 4, Hardware, Emulator
  • Controls: Runtime Controls, 3rd Party Controls, Events, Fonts, Tips & Tricks
  • Graphics and Animations: Shapes, Brushes, PixelShader Effects, Resources, Transformations, Animations and storyboards, Key frames and Interpolation, Triggering and Programming Animations Methods, Tips & Tricks
  • UI Customization: Styling, Skinning (Templating), Styling and Skinning, Template Binding, Visual State Manager (VSM), Tips & Tricks
  • Data Binding: Element To Element Binding, StaticResource Binding, DataContext Binding, Binding to Collections, Blend Sample Data, MVVM, Converters, Data Validation, Data Annotations DataBinding from Code, DataGrid, Tips & Tricks
  • Programmability: Using and creating Actions/Triggers/Behaviors and Commands. Using Files, Base Class Library, Asynchronous Programming, Sound, Accelerometer, Location Service
  • Control Creation: Creating User Controls, Dependency and Attached Properties, States, Creating Templated Controls, Transition Effects, Tips & Tricks
  • Networking: HTTP (Download, Upload, Data Serialization: XML, JSON, RSS), SOAP (XML WebServices & WCF), OData (WCF Data Services), Push Notification, Tips & Tricks
  • Phone Applications: Navigation, WebBrowser, Pivot, Panorama, Lauchers, Choosers, Bing Maps
  • Deployment: Marketplace, Unit Testing
  • Closure: Summary, Resources, Books, Evaluation

If you can't wait you can prepare yourself with our Silverlight 4 training.


Microsoft Silverlight 3 training

By Fons Sonnemans, 17-aug-2009

Silverlight is een 'cross-over browser plugin' van Microsoft die het mogelijk maakt om animaties, audio en video weer te geven in de webbrowser (zoals bijvoorbeeld Explorer, Firefox, Safari).

Silverlight bevat een subset van het .NET 3.5 Framework waarmee, vanuit een Microsoft .NET taal zoals C#, Visual Basic of .NET, een programma geschreven kan worden dat in een browser draait. Tot nu toe kon dat alleen met JavaScript of met Flash van Adobe.

Microsoft Silverlight 3 training

Docenten Fons Sonnemans en Loek van den Ouweland verzorgen deze interactieve en praktijkgerichte trainingen voor zowel geinteresseerden als startende en meer ervaren programmeurs en grafisch vormgevers.


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