Windows 8 XAML Tips - Async Search Suggestions

By Fons Sonnemans, 22-aug-2012

There are a lot of examples on the web how you can add Search Suggestions to the Search Charm of a Windows 8 Metro application. But all the examples I found only demonstrate how to implement a synchronous version. In this blog I will show you how you can do this also asynchronous. I use this technique to fill my Search Suggestion by calling a web service asynchronous. Something which is very common because your data will problably be stored in the Web/Cloud.


Windows 8 XAML Tips - Settings Demo

By Fons Sonnemans, 10-aug-2012

In my previous blog post I explained how you can use the PaneThemeTransition from the Animation Library to show a task pane. In this blog post I want to use this technique to open my Settings and About task panes from the Settings Charm. I will try to make it easier by introducing a TaskPanePopup helper class.


Windows 8 XAML Tips - Show a task pane

By Fons Sonnemans, 25-jun-2012

You can integrate the look and feel introduced in Windows 8 Release Preview into your Metro style app by using the Animation Library suite of Windows-provided animations. Use of the Animation Library animations provides these benefits:

  • Motions that align to Metro style animation principles
  • Fast, fluid transitions between UI states that inform but do not distract the user
  • Clearer visuals to show the user transitions within an app

One of the animations that are supplied in the Animation Library is the show hide panel animation. You use it to show and hide a panel, which is large edge-based UI such as a custom keyboard or a task pane. This 'Windows Animation (Metro styled apps)' article shows you how you can use the PaneThemeTransition animation class in XAML. The article also contains the video below in which the animation is shown. Sadly there is no code sample how to use it in your XAML/C# application. With this blog I want to fill in the gap. I will explain you how you get the animation as shown in the video.


Windows 8 XAML Tips – Custom Fonts

By Fons Sonnemans, 12-jun-2012

It is time for me to write a series of blog items on writing XAML applications for Windows 8. I plan to write one every two weeks. I hope I can keep up the promise.


'Sudoku Free' eerste Nederlandse Windows 8 app

By Fons Sonnemans, 07-jun-2012

Sudoku Free is het de eerste Nederlandse applicatie in de Windows 8 Store. Het spel is gebaseerd op de Windows Phone Sudoku app die in oktober 2010 in de Marketplace verscheen. Overigens ook als eerste Nederlandse app.

Bij de Windows 8 app heeft Flavour mij geholpen met de grafische vormgeving. Bij het ombouwen heb ik een hergebruik van 90% van de code gerealiseerd. De schermen (XAML) zijn door de grotere schermformaten redelijk veel gewijzigd.

In deze eerste week is de app al ruim 10.000 keer gedownload. De reviews zijn zeer positief. Ik ben dan ook van plan om diverse van mijn WP7 apps om te bouwen naar Windows 8.

Tags: Windows 8, Apps


Windows 8 DevCamp sessies

By Fons Sonnemans, 26-apr-2012

Op 12 en 13 april 2012 heeft Microsoft Nederland in de Fabrique in Maarssen het Windows 8 Developer & User Experience Design Camp georganiseerd. Het was een druk bezocht evenement waarbij er een bijna 50/50 mix was van developers en designers.

De eerste dag bestond uit een programma van sessies, waarbij er ook breakouts waren voor developers en voor designers. Hiervan heb ik 2 sessies mogen verzorgen. Deze sessies zijn opgenomen en staan nu online op Channel9.


MessageBox.Show() in WinRT

By Fons Sonnemans, 12-mrt-2012

I'm currently in the process of converting some of my Windows Phone apps to the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. While doing so I discovered there is no MessageBox.Show() method in WinRT. The alternative is to use the new MessageDialog class. This means I have to rewrite a lot of code which I try to avoid. Therefore I came up with my own MessageBox helper class which mimics the behavior of the WP7 MessageBox. In this post I will demonstrate this, using the following sample application.

Suppose I have the following code in my Windows Phone application:

private void Button1_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) {
    var result = MessageBox.Show("This is MessageBox", "Title", MessageBoxButton.OKCancel);
    if (result == MessageBoxResult.OK) {
        // do something    
    Button1.Content = result.ToString();

In Windows 8 I would have to rewrite it to the following:


Techdays 2012 Sessies

By Fons Sonnemans, 05-mrt-2012

Ook dit jaar heb ik mogen spreken op het Techdays event van Microsoft dat op 16 en 17 februari in Den Haag gehouden is. Deze keer met 3 sessies waarvan er twee op Channel9 te bekijken zijn.


Bloq for Windows Phone 7

By Fons Sonnemans, 12-jun-2011

In this very addictive game you have to select 4 bloqs of the same color to make a rectangle. The number of bloqs in this rectangle are added to your score. Win bonus time if a numbered bloq is in this rectangle.


  • Fun, good looking and addictive
  • Local and online highscores (overall, daily and weekly)


DevDays 2011 Sessies

By Fons Sonnemans, 09-mei-2011

Ook dit jaar heb ik mogen spreken op het DevDays event van Microsoft dat op 28 en 29 april in Den Haag gehouden is. Deze keer met 3 sessies waarvan er twee op Channel9 te bekijken zijn. Helaas is mijn 'Windows Phone Marketplace' sessie van de Geeknight niet gepubliceerd.


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