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Distributed Transactions without COM+ (EnterpriceServices)


I don't like COM+. I have never liked it but I had to use it when I needed Distributed Transactions. At the Teched 2002 in Barcelona I learned how you can use Distributed Transactions without COM+.

My problem with COM+ is the fact that you only can choose one transactiontype for a class. You can not differentiate it per method.

Download the following Zip file and have a look at Ron Jacobs example project and slides.

Be carefull, this only works on Windows XP. It uses some lowlevel COM+ 1.5 features.

This is the start of my .NET WebLog


I have recently updated my WebSite from 'Classic' ASP to ASP.NET. This allowed me to create this WebLog easily using an Xml file and a DataGrid.

I will use this WebLog as a podium to communicate my personal opinion about Microsoft .NET. The 'product' which allows me to create great software.

Simple .NET ReportLibrary


Printing in .NET is greatly improved when compared with Visual Basic 6.0. In my projects I almost never use external reporting tools like Crystal Reports. They are too large and complex for my needs. In this article I demonstrate the use of the ReportLibrary which I developed. It can be used to create simple reports which can be printed and previewed.

Pocket PC TimeBox Control


I own a Pocket PC since a few months. It's a nice peace of hardware although I didn't use it much. There wasn't much practical use for it. Now I have decided to write my own Time Registration and maybe my own Car Mileage Administration application.  In both Smart Device Applications I have to enter a Time regullary. Microsoft didn't supply me with a good control for this so I decided to write one.

Writing a Smart Device Applications is made easy with the introduction of Visual Studio.NET 2003 and the .NET Compact Framework. In this article I describe how I have written a TimeBox control for the Pocket PC. It's not much different from a normal Windows Forms control.

TimeBox Sample running in the Pocket PC Emulator


I plan to use this TimeBox in my application so I have placed it in an separate project. Due to the low memory footprint you also have to create a designer able version of it. This version will have extra design-time only code (methods and attributes).

Add a Splitter to a WinForm

01-Apr-2002 1 Comments

I used to program in Visual Basic 6.0. It is a great tool but not perfect. It was lacking some crucial controls. A Splitter control was one of them. Microsoft has added it to the .NET framework (thanks) but forgot to make it easy to use. You must place it on a Form, set some properties for it and then also some (Dock) properties of the other two controls. Then you have to set the order of the controls correctly by using 'Bring to Front' or 'Send to Back'.

This article demonstrates the use of a simple AddSplitter() method which simplifies the use of splitters.

WinForm DualList Component


This article demonstrates the use of the DualList component in a Microsoft .NET WinForm application. It doesn't explain how the component was written, you can figure that out by examining the C# source code (see download).

ASP.NET RollOver Images


A RollOver image is an image that changes its picture when the mouse moves over it.

Example:      Move your mouse over the image!

There are many ways to implement this. One easy way of doing this is creating a helper class called 'RollOverImageManager'. This helper class does two things: add the 'onMouseOver' and 'onMouseOut' attributes to the image; add a javascript which preloads the 'MouseOver' images.


ASP.NET NumberBox Control


The NumberBox control is an ASP.NET control, which lets the user only input numerical values. The base class of NumberBox class is the TextBox class. It uses JavaScript to validate the KeyPress event. An extra RegularExpresionValidator can be used to validate the control.

Special public properties:

  • AllowNegatives
  • DecimalPlaces
  • DecimalSymbol
  • Text
  • Value
  • ValidationRegularExpression


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